Monday, May 25, 2009

The opening of the new library.

On Friday the 13th March 2009 we went to the auditorium for the opening of the library. Mrs Plowright gave a speech. Then John Key the prime minister of New Zealand talked to Elm Park School.

After that we lined up and sat down outside the library. There I saw an orange bow across the library entrance. Mr John Key cut the bow. Mr john Key got to have a look at the new library. It was very colourful .

While we were waiting Mrs Tetupu sang some songs with us. Then some boys did the haka and all the councillors and haka people got to go and have morning tea with John Key. John Key shook their hands and when they came back to class they said they would never wash their hands again. It was the most important and exciting day in my life. I hope I can see him again some day.

By D.S

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