Monday, May 25, 2009

The New Library Opening

John Key Opening the Library

On Friday the 13th of March John Key came to the the school to open our new library. First the councillors had to go to the office to show the invited guests and the parents where to sit. After that we had to go inside and than we went outside of the new library.

First Mr Key cut the orange ribbon. Then the councillors followed John Key and some other people. He showed us the water fountain and then he uncovered a plaque and it said the day that the library was opened and by John Key

After that we went into the library. It was really cool. It was so amazing I could not believe it. First we had to show someone around the new library and then I got to have a look around.The intermediate people went on the computers.

After that the councillors had to go outside the stuffroom and we had afternoon tea with John Key and I got to shake his hand.That was the end of the cool as day with John Key and the opening of the new library.

I had so much fun I want something like that to happen again!!

By N.V


  1. Hi Everybody - Greetings from Newcastle, Australia..just across the Tasman!!
    I saw news about you blog on Twitter and saw the great work that you are all doing.
    I hope that you like using web 2.0 tools to support your learning.
    Here in NSW we are also trying new things and it's wonderful to see teachers like yours having a go at something a bit different.
    Here's some of the things we're up to. You might find some links to other schools who are also blogging if you look at the examples page
    All the best!
    Roger Pryor
    School Education Director
    Hunter Central Coast Region, NSW

  2. Wow, you've shaken the Prime Minister's hand, that's cool. I'm pretty old (well nearly 40 which you will probably think is pretty old) and I've never even seen a Prime Minister, let alone shaken their hand. That's great!

  3. Great start to your class blog. I look forward to reading more of your writing and seeing what you are all doing in your school!

  4. NV
    I bet you were nervous meeting the Prime Minister but I also think that its nice that you got to write about it on the blog. A great recount that allowed me to hear exactly what it was all about even though I didn't get to be there. Good luck with your new blog.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.