Monday, May 25, 2009

The New Library Opening

John Key Opening the Library

On Friday the 13th of March John Key came to the the school to open our new library. First the councillors had to go to the office to show the invited guests and the parents where to sit. After that we had to go inside and than we went outside of the new library.

First Mr Key cut the orange ribbon. Then the councillors followed John Key and some other people. He showed us the water fountain and then he uncovered a plaque and it said the day that the library was opened and by John Key

After that we went into the library. It was really cool. It was so amazing I could not believe it. First we had to show someone around the new library and then I got to have a look around.The intermediate people went on the computers.

After that the councillors had to go outside the stuffroom and we had afternoon tea with John Key and I got to shake his hand.That was the end of the cool as day with John Key and the opening of the new library.

I had so much fun I want something like that to happen again!!

By N.V

Self portrait

Self Portrait

My hair looks like a brown swirl of fresh melted chocolate.

My eyes are soft like a brown bears fur.

My smile is like a sparkling reflection by the water side.

By P.G

My Self-Portrait

My hair is dark as a shiny black panther.

My eyes are as shiny as a sun setting.

My smile is beautiful like a Diamand in a sun.


The opening of the new library.

On Friday the 13th March 2009 we went to the auditorium for the opening of the library. Mrs Plowright gave a speech. Then John Key the prime minister of New Zealand talked to Elm Park School.

After that we lined up and sat down outside the library. There I saw an orange bow across the library entrance. Mr John Key cut the bow. Mr john Key got to have a look at the new library. It was very colourful .

While we were waiting Mrs Tetupu sang some songs with us. Then some boys did the haka and all the councillors and haka people got to go and have morning tea with John Key. John Key shook their hands and when they came back to class they said they would never wash their hands again. It was the most important and exciting day in my life. I hope I can see him again some day.

By D.S

Self portrait

Self portrait

My hair is black like a metal pole that holds our table at school.

My eyes are brown as a brown grizzly bear’s fur.

My smile is as wide as London bridge going straight over the river.

By D.T

My self-portrait

Self Portrait

*My hair looks like yellow gold from a treasure chest that pirates are looking for.

*My eyes look like an aqua grey metal melting in the sun with my eye lashes looking like slices of mango shining in the distance.

*My smile looks like a whipped cream pie with cherries on top.

By T.C

My Self-Portrait

My hair is as spiky as a sharp knife in the kitchen cutting a tomato,it feels like a broom waving against my hand.

My eyes are a pile of mud in a rugby stadium getting squished by a black rugby ball.

My smile is as bright as a star and as red as a raspberry.

By S.F

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