Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to make a calculator work with a homemade battery

Question: Can you make a calculator work with a homemade battery?

Hypothesis: The vinegar will react with the wire and the galvanised nail to make electricity to charge the calculator.

Equipment: 2 galvanised nails, 2 bits of of masking tape, 1 marker, 3 wires, 2 cups, White Vinegar and a battery powered calculator.

Method: 1.The two cups are filled with vinegar and tape is put over the cups,it is pierced and marked positive and negative. 2.The nails are put into the negative end of the tape and a wire is put into the positive end and the other end of the wire is tied around the nail on the other cup. 3.Another wire is tied around the last nail and the last wire is put into the last positive hole and both wires are put into each end of the battery place in the calculator.

Observation: When the wires are hooked up to the calculator it turns on.

Explanation: The calculator worked because when the nail and the wire went into the vinegar it created negative and positive particles and the negative particles went through the wires and into the calculator and turned it on.

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  1. Wow, what a great experiment. When I first read your post I thought "no way will this work!" I think you have written a great post - I love the photo's and illustrations.
    Miss S.